Hill of Crosses

Welcome to the hill of crosses - the Unesco herritage object in Lithuania. Through the centuries people have believed in the magical things of this place and put the crosses on it. Today millions of crosses cover this hill. After the visit of the pope Paul II this place has become the centre of piligrims and tourists coming to be concentrated on the feelings and the goals on the life. The monestery is built next to to the hill.
The trip to the hill takes 2 hours one direction and 2 hours back, but it is worth visiting this unique place. On the way to the hill you will see the nature of Lithuania, there is a possibility to have lunch in the local restaurant which serves traditional Lithuanian dishes.
We will visit Klaipeda old city on the way back including amber and linen galleries.
This tour is for those who are eager to experience something unusual. My services are  as your personal tour guide and transportation in a private vehicle to and from the cruise ship terminal. Price can be discussed.

Gidė Diana Butkutė



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